Since 1998, Children’s Advocacy Center of NEPA has helped more  than 13,000 children and teens by effectively assessing and treating child abuse and neglect. Often experiencing shame  and guilt, these children undeniably need the time, compassion and specialized treatment they   receive at CAC/NEPA to begin the healing process to keep the abuse from having a  lasting effect on their adulthood.

CAC/NEPA serves as a neutral agent and contact point for child abuse intervention. To avoid requiring a child victim to be taken to multiple agencies, and having to endure multiple interviews, the CAC/NEPA team responds to each child abuse case by bringing a team of professionals to  the child.  Specifically the CAC/NEPA utilizes a coordinated MDT (Multi Disciplinary Team) approach that involves bringing representatives from law enforcement, child protective services, District Attorney’s office, as well as our forensic interviewers, medical and mental health professionals, and child victim and family advocates, who collaborate in a case together at our center.  Always putting the needs of the child victim first, our collaborative MDT approach results in effective, efficient and child-centered intervention.

Experienced experts thoroughly assess all aspects of a child’s needs and develop an individualized plan for each child to help him or her move through the pain and  confusion of disclosure. Our services include forensic interviews, forensic medical examinations and treatment, counseling, court services and mental health services. Our calming approach to child abuse intervention ensures that children are not re-traumatized by the very systems designed to protect them.